Lessons are the best way to learn, I give lessons here at my home in Brooklyn Park.

Clubs: College for the Easily Amused (CEA). Twin Cities club.

The internet has made learning a skill much easier then in the past. Below is a list of videos that will help you learn more about how to yo-yo, or just have fun watching.

HOW TO Beginner:
Cutting a string to length

Replacing a string on a Manta Ray yo-yo
Replacing a string on the Brain yo-yo

HOW TO Advanced:
Binding a yo-yo overview
Front Style Bind
Side Style Bind
Installing Silicone response in the IT

Some Tricks:
Sleeper with a Brain
Sleeper with a Manta Ray

Eli Hop
Gun Slinger
Darth Vader
Wild Thing
Schulte Twist

Guinness World Record Attempt

National Yo-Yo League Trick Ladder from YoYoTricks.
YoYoExpert- Beginner to advanced tricks and more.
YoYoTricks- Tricks videos and more.
Yo-Yo Wiki - Learn all about yo-yos
Zeemo - A fellow yo-yo entertainer from Michigan

•The best way to learn to yo-yo is with a coach, check out my personal lessons page.
•The next best way to learn is to attend a yo-yo club. We have one that meets in the twin cities two times a month. To be added to the email list for times and locations, email me.
•Finally, the next best thing to being in person is a video. I have a DVD available on my store page.

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