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I am a former middle school teacher, and I have performed at thousands of schools since 1998. Because of this, I have the experience necessary to work with all types of students to help them succeed. Whether you are looking for entertainment or education, I have the perfect show for your school.

Check out the different options for school shows below. My programs can be very flexible, and I tailor them to fit your needs.

Science of Spin®

I have been performing my FREE Science of Spin Program all across the Midwest since January of 2000. I spend an entire day at your school (sometimes multiple days depending on the number of students in the school). My program is based on science and physical education. I use yo-yos and other sporting equipment to capture the attention of the entire school. I then spend the rest of the day working with the P.E. department, or science classes teaching the students how to yo-yo. My program fits in great with the P.E. curriculum because it involves hand-eye coordination, throwing and catching skills, and balance. It is a great way to help the students build a skill that they will enjoy for a lifetime, and teach them about the physics.

My program can be free for schools as well as a potential fund-raiser. The fund-raiser is possible by having yo-yo sales available to the students for one week following the show. One dollar from every yo-yo goes back to the school, and the remainder goes to me to pay for the program.

The Science of Spin Program is also available without yo-yo sales for $600 per day. To see my program in action, watch the video below and contact me to find out more.

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Yo-Yo Blast!

This show is great for student reward days or for after-school activity programs.

Being a former middle school teacher, I love to perform in the school environment. I have many of the tools needed to grab the students attention and to teach them something at the same time. We also have a lot of fun! You have the option to take it a step further, and give your students the opportunity to learn "how to" yo-yo. I offer workshops to teach all the basic tricks and more!

My basic show fee is $300. Workshops are extra based on your number of students. Depending on your location, there may be a travel fee. Contact me to find out more.

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Artist in Residence

Art comes in many forms; it can be displayed on a canvas, or performed for a group. My type of art is the art of yo-yo play and performance. Depending on what your school needs, I teach your students about the yo-yo. More than just the basic tricks, they learn about how a yo-yo works, and how to perform with it. A select group of students can perform at a talent show or assembly. My program can be as short as one day with a small group, or many days to teach all of your students.

Objectives the students may learn:
• The physics acting upon yo-yos
• The basic tricks using a yo-yo
• Understand the contest structure of the National Yo-Yo League
• How to perform an entertaining show for friends and family

The show fee is based on each school's specific needs. Contact me to find out more.

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Dazzling Dave

Dave Schulte first picked up a yo-yo as a stressed out college student in 1993, and has never really put it down since!

He started his first career as a Technology Education teacher, but his drive to learn more about yo-yos, and to teach others, has lead him to a career as a Yo-Yo Professional!

Dave travels the world teaching and entertaining with his yo-yos and spintops. If you are interested in the basic physics behind spinning things, the skill involved to learn them, or just want entertainment, contact Dave today!


"Dave was simply outstanding! From his expertise with yo-yos to his ability to relate to children, Dave provided a first rate experience. I would highly recommend this program."
Michelle Steward, Principal. Munster, IN

"Dave's show brought about good communication and interaction between the students. It is very rewarding to see the children working together to learn a new skill."
Mike Kochendofer, School Social Worker. Portage, IN


"Dazzling Dave's show was fantastic. The kids were amazed, and the teachers were thrilled with the science program. His flexibility made our school fun day a huge success."
DeAnn Robertson, PTO. Duluth, MN

"Watching Dazzling Dave and his yo-yos is like watching a happy little tornado. When he is done, your hair is mussy, and you want to leave it that way for a while!"
Lori Buffington, Fan. Blaine, MN

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