Yo-Yos I am looking to trade or buy:
I colllect all types of yo-yos that are unique or interesting. Having said that, I have focused my yo-yo collection in 3 distinct areas:
• Player signature models,
• Contest specific models,
• Spectra Star yo-yos.

In column two of this page, is a listing of the specific yo-yos I would like to trade for or buy. Let me know what you have, and perhaps we can work out a deal.



Spectra Star yo yo:
• Pee Wee Herman yo-yo. RARE VERSION Lucky's book #1454
• Storm yo-yo from X-men. Lucky's book #1474.1

Player signature models:
There are so many models coming out these days. If you have one you want to sell or trade, shoot me an email at the link in the black bar below.

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